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Castro Valley Unified School District
All students that are first attending a CVUSD school, including those that currently have siblings enrolled in CVUSD, are required to complete an online enrollment process.  Families do not need to complete this step for any student that is currently enrolled and plans on continuing in CVUSD next year.   

**Due to social distancing requirements, all appointments to confirm enrollment will be made virtually. After you complete initial online enrollment, school personnel (district personnel during the summer) will reach out to you to complete additional steps via email. We thank you for your patience during this process and if you have any questions, please email Ms. Annette Burt (aburt@cv.k12.ca.us).


9th Grade Residency Verification

Your student’s information from Canyon or Creekside will “roll” into Castro Valley High School; however if you have moved or have a shared residency or caregiver affidavit your CVUSD residency will need to be re-verified prior to Walk Through Registration in the fall (regardless of how long you have been in the district).   


It is best to complete this step early to avoid a delay at Walk Through Registration.  


Starting August 1st, parent/guardian will need to log into their Parent Portal Account (here)
After accessing the parent portal account, you will be able to:
  • Confirm and update your student's personal information 
  • View/print mandatory district and school site forms needed for Walk Through Registration  
In August, prior to the start of school, your student will need to:
  • Attend Walk Through Registration on assigned date/time (information available here)
  • Attend Freshman Orientation (information available here)
  • At Registration, student will need to:
    1. Bring all necessary documents with parent/guardian signatures
    2. Have their photo taken for ID card and yearbook
    3. Obtain class schedule, locker assignment and textbooks


Are you moving or transferring schools?  A parent/guardian will need to contact the Registrar, or Counselor, so student can obtain the withdrawal paperwork.  The student will need to return all books assigned to him/her to the Bookroom/Library, empty his/her locker and check out with other offices on campus.  Once this process is completed the Registrar can provide paperwork for the new transfer school.


If you are moving to another residence within our attendance area, please contact Brooke Johnson in our Main Office at Ext. 3805 as soon as possible so we can update our records with your new contact information.  You will need to complete and submit a “Statement of Residency Form” form with a current PG&E bill + 1 additional required document.  



Please submit your request by fax at (510) 582-7728.


Contact:  Registrar -  Christina Becerra

Telephone: (510) 537-5910, ext. 3823

Fax: (510) 582-7728