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Castro Valley Unified School District
All new and returning CVUSD students will need to complete registration prior to the start of the school year. Listed below are the details about our process which is partially online in the Aeries Parent Portal and partially in-person.  Registration will include the completion of two steps outlined below.  Registration will become available in the Aeries Parent Portal on Monday, July 26th and walk-through registration will occur at all school sites during the week of August 2nd.  THE FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL IS AUGUST 10, 2021. 
Step 1:  Data Confirmation, Authorizations, and Acknowledgements

This will be completed in Aeries through your Parent Portal Accounts (click here)

Step 2:  Walk-Through Registration Document Submission
During Data Confirmation, you will access a checklist for your student and respective school. This checklist will be printed and will include additional items to read, print, initial, sign, and/or bring to school during walk-through registration. Specific days and times for walk-through registration are included on the checklist. Any school-specific questions regarding registration, including accommodations needed, should be directed to the main office of the respective school.
In August, prior to the start of school, your student will need to:
Attend Walk Through Registration August 2-4, 8:00am - 4:00pm (Make Up Aug 5, 3:00pm - 7:00pm).
Attend Freshman Orientation (August 5 and 6. Click here for more info!)
At Registration, student will need to:Bring all necessary documents with parent/guardian signatures
Have their photo taken for ID card and yearbook
Obtain class schedule and textbooks.


Are you moving or transferring schools?  A parent/guardian will need to contact the Registrar, or Counselor, so student can obtain the withdrawal paperwork.  The student will need to return all books assigned to him/her to the Bookroom/Library, empty his/her locker and check out with other offices on campus.  Once this process is completed the Registrar can provide paperwork for the new transfer school.


If you are moving to another residence within our attendance area, please contact Suzzee Pedroni in our Main Office at Ext. 3806 as soon as possible so we can update our records with your new contact information.  You will need to complete and submit a “Statement of Residency Form” form with a current PG&E bill + 1 additional required document.  



Please submit your request by fax at (510) 582-7728.


Contact:  Registrar -  Christina Becerra

Telephone: (510) 537-5910, ext. 3823

Fax: (510) 582-7728