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CVHS is proud to facilitate over 50 student run clubs and organizations on our campus.  Club types include cultural and heritage clubs, service oriented clubs, sports and hobby clubs, as well as student interest clubs.  Some clubs are local to our high school while others are part of state and or national organizations. Every club meets regularly and all CVHS students are welcome to join any club on campus.  If you don’t see a club you like, try starting your own. All you need is 5 students and a club advisor to get started.

In addition to our clubs on campus some groups have elected to become part of third party competitions.  While we encourage our students to explore their interests, any third party competitions or groups are not to be considered sponsored by CVHS or CVUSD.  Students who elect to participate in such events due so at their own risk and agree to release CVHS and CVUSD from all liability associated with them.  These events are 100% optional and no student in a club is required to be a part of such events in order to maintain membership in a club.