Seniors- Opportunities to Speak at the 2019 Graduation Ceremony!

Interested in speaking at graduation? This is an amazing opportunity to be a part of a major milestone in the lives of CVHS families and to speak in front of thousands of people!  
There are two speaking opportunities available.
#1) Give a short speech honoring your class and its accomplishments. If interested, please submit a typed speech which can be given in under 2 1/2 minutes (no exceptions) and which contains a positive, inspirational, and school-appropriate message. It really does have to be short- the speech chosen in 2018 was half-of-a page, typed. Submit speeches to Cathi Major in House 4, no later than May 3rd at 3 pm. All seniors are eligible. Top entries will be asked to audition and one or two students will be selected to speak. 
#2) Speakers of a second language are invited to apply to be part of the international welcome that is a key part of the graduation ceremony. In this welcome, we recognize the diversity of our student body by asking our second language speakers to give a short welcome to our parents and community in their non-English language. To apply to be a part of this welcome, please drop a note or send an email to assistant principal Mr. Hansen. The note must include the language a speaker will be using (include dialect, if applicable) and the name of the speaker. 
Thanks! We are almost there, seniors! Keep those grades up and have a great spring!
CVHS Administration