Walk-Through Registration Information

Castro Valley High School  

2020-2021 School Registration


Welcome to the 2020-2021 school year!  Listed below are details about the new virtual registration process.  Please note that registration must be completed for every student regardless of what instructional program they have selected.  Registration will include the completion of two steps in two different systems.  These systems will open up on Monday, August 3rd, 2020 to start the registration process.


Step 1:  Data Confirmation and Authorization


This will be completed in Aeries through your Parent Portal Accounts https://castrovalleyusd.asp.aeries.net/student/LoginParent.aspx?page=default.aspx


Step 2:  Document Submission and Acknowledgements


This will be completed in the new School Mint system (castrovalley.schoolmint.net).  You will receive an email on or after August 1st with information on how to access School Mint.


This new two step process takes the place of our traditional walk through registration.


Once you have completed Step 1 and 2 your student (only) will be able to enter campus during their appointed time by Grade Level to take their school photo, pick up a Chromebook, buy PE clothes or other store items, and pick up textbooks for their classes.


***ALL CVHS students will receive a Chromebook to be used throughout the school year. If you borrowed a Chromebook last year, please bring it back to be exchanged for an updated one.

This form is for parents that DO NOT want a CVUSD-issued Chromebook as a standard issue for all students.


If you are having trouble with completing both registration steps or need additional help, we are here for you. Come with your student (only) during their scheduled date and time and we will be happy to assist you.




  • Fill out the Student Health Screener here. Follow all Safety Procedures and Protocols. You must wear a face covering at all times while on campus. Stay physically distant (approximately 6ft). Restrooms will not be accessible.


  • Students will enter through the 600 parking lot gate during the date and time listed below. 


  • Bring an 81/2 by 11” sheet of paper with your student ID # and your name (Last, First) printed underneath. See example.

Last Name, First Name


Appointments By Grade Level and Alphabet


Weds. 8/5

Thursday 8/6

Friday 8/7

Monday 8/10

Tuesday 8/11








A - Bal

Liu - Mat

A - Bla

A - Blo

A - Bay


Ban - Bus

Mc - Mor

Boc - Che

Bo - Che

Be - Cha


Bys - Cho

Mur - Oly

Chi - Del

Chi - Da

Che - De


Chr - Den

Omo - Pha

Den - Gee

De - Fo

Dia - Gar


Dia - Fes

Pim - Rod

Gib - Hue

Fr - Ha

Gat - Hsi 


Feu - Gim

Rog - Sch

Hug - Kon

He - Je

Hua - Ko


Gir - Hic

Sei - Spr 

Kue - Lul

Jia - La

Kri - Li


Hie - Jew

Sta - Tra

Lum - Mog

Le - Ly

Lo - Ma


Jim - Laf

Tre - Win

Mol - Pab

Ma - Ng

Mc - Od


Lar - Lin

Won - Z

Pak - Rod

Nob - Q

Oku - Pu



Roj - Sil

R - Sa

Qi - Se



Sim - Tor

Sch - Sze

Sha- Te



Tra - Wil

T - Wa

Tha - Vi



Wil - Z

Web - Z

Von - Z


Make-up day will be August 12th from 3pm - 7pm.