Walk-Through Registration Information

Castro Valley High School  
2023-24 School Registration

Parents:  You must re-register your student  through the PARENT ABI Portal in order for your student to participate in Walk Thru Registration.  If you need to set up your PARENT ABI Portal please follow this link.

Students: You must be present for registration.  If you cannot make your day, you will need to register during Make-Up Registration or Late Registration.  Class assignments are not affected by time of registration.  If you are registering without your parent present, be sure to have the Data Confirmation Email and a signed Signature Page.  Students will not be able to register without proper signatures.

Walk – Through Registration Dates: Monday through Wednesday, July 31 - August 2, 2023

Students must be present for ID and Schedule Check

Make-up registration: Thursday, August 3th at  3:00 p.m. - 7:00 p.m.

Late Registration: Wednesday, August 9 at 7:00 a.m.

First Day of School:  August 9, 2023


Freshman Orientation Info Linked Here!

Be sure to come on your assigned day.  We cannot accommodate early registrants.  If you cannot make your day you may come on Aug. 3 from 3:00pm to 7:00pm (Aux Gym) or Aug. 9 at 7:00am (Old Mat Room).


Last Names Beginning With:


Mon - July 31, 8am-4pm

8:00 (aah-alt)

8:30 (alv-ary)

9:00 (asa-bat)

9:30 (bau-bog)

10:00 (bol-bru)

10:30 (buc-carp)

11:00 (carr-chea)

11:30 (chen-chun)

12:00 (chuo-cot)

12:30 (cra-dav)

1:00 (de-dio)

1:30 (dir-enc)

2:00 (eng-fla)

2:30 (fle-gall)

3:00 (galo-git)

3:30 (gix-guf)

Last Names Beginning With:

(Gui - Par)

Tues - August 1, 8am-4pm

8:00 (gui-haw)

8:30 (hay-holl)

9:00 (holm-iku)

9:30 (ile-joe)

10:00 (joh-kha)

10:30 (khe-kwok)

11:00 (kwon-leb)

11:30 (lee-lim)

12:00 (lin-loz)

12:30 (lu-mall)

1:00 (malo-maz)

1:30 (mc-mic)

2:00 (mie-mos)

2:30 (mot-ng)

3:00 (ngo-ong)

3:30 (ont-par)

Last Names Beginning With:


Wed - August 2, 8am-4pm

8:00 (pas-pon)

8:30 (poo-ras)

9:00 (rat-rod)

9:30 (rog-sald)

10:00 (sali-sch)

10:30 (sci-sil)

11:00 (sim-sou)

11:30 (sow-tak)

12:00 (tal-thu)

12:30 (to-tse)

1:00 (tsi-ver)

1:30 (vig-war)

2:00 (was-wond)

2:30 (wong-yan)

3:00 (yao-zer)

3:30 (zha-zun)

NO STUDENTS WILL BE ADMITTED FOR REGISTRATION AFTER 4:00 P.M. Please be on time because the lines will be cut off at 4:00 p.m. sharp and anyone left in the lines will have to come back at make-up day or late registration.  Don’t panic.  We will get you registered!

9th Grade Family Night, Thursday, Aug. 3rd from 7:00-8:00pm. Look for the email invite.

Castro Valley High School

2023-2024 School Registration

To register your student for the 2023-2024 school year at CVHS, please follow these steps:

(Students new to CVUSD need to first follow the enrollment instructions on the CVUSD website prior to doing these steps).



Step 1

Starting July 26, 2023 log in to the PARENT ABI Portal and re-register your student.

Step 2

Families with a Caregiver Affidavit and/or on a Shared Residency or MKV residency must renew those prior to going to Walk Through Registration.

Step 3

Print necessary documents.


Step 4

Attend Walk Through Registration, bring mandatory documents with all required signatures.

*There will be interpreters for Chinese and Spanish on Wednesday August 2nd, anyone needing interpreting services may register on that day . If you have any services that your family needs please do not hesitate to contact Castro Valley High School. 

Some Helpful Registration Hints:

  • There will be computers available for families who either need access to computers or help navigating the Portal.
  • Be sure to confirm your data after completing the PARENT ABI Portal process.  You will see a confirmation message when you have finished registering.
  • Please be sure to print all necessary documents.  In particular, you will need the Signature Page, the Medical Authorization form and the Attendance Clearance information.

Some Helpful Walk Through Registration Hints:

  • Most important: the student must be present.
  • Please read the Walk Thru Registration information handout.
  • Bring all necessary documents with parent signatures.
  • If you are not purchasing items using the Webstore, be sure to bring a method of payment.
  • Remember, don’t panic!