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Due to the large number of students being dropped off at or picked up from Castro Valley High School and other parking issues, some rules for parking lots have been implemented and will be enforced.

• Drop off or pick up ONLY along the curb on Santa Maria in front of the school. Students MAY NOT be dropped off /picked up in the Santa Maria staff parking area between the hours of 7:00am to 3:45pm.
• Drop off or pick up ONLY along the curb on Mabel Avenue.  There is no drop off or pick up in the staff parking lot on Mabel. Mabel turnaround is for buses ONLY.

We ask parents visiting campus during school hours to please park in the designated visitor parking spots to avoid being towed. All numbered and Admin spots on campus are reserved during school hours. 


Students that are driving and parking on campus must obtain a parking permit. Students that have purchased a parking permit ($50 per semester) will have a specific numbered space assigned to them. If the assigned space is in use by an unknown individual, the space owner can make a report as stated in the parking notification that is received along with the parking pass. Not all seniors will get a spot and no juniors will be able to park on campus. We are aware that street parking is difficult, but we simply do not have the space to accommodate all students. Thank you for your understanding. 

Be advised that students who fail to purchase a parking pass and park on campus will be towed at the vehicle owner’s expense. After 4:00pm, all student spots not designated as handicapped return to general use.


Due to the limited number of spots, seniors wishing to purchase a parking spot will need to enter their names into a parking lottery. Permits awarded will be good for one semester only, with a lottery to be held prior to each semester.

Seniors wishing to be considered for the fall lottery can submit their names during registration. Students must show a valid driver’s license in order to be entered into the pool of applicants.  Names will be drawn randomly on August 22nd, after late registration concludes.  

Students whose names are drawn will be notified via email.  Those awarded spots will be required to show valid registration and insurance, in addition to their license, before a parking tag is issued. A $50 permit fee will also be collected, per semester. 

Notified students must submit all items to the Finance Office by August 24th.  Students who do not submit the required information and fee by the deadline will lose their opportunity for a parking space. The student name will be submitted back in the lottery promptly after the deadline for submission and a new name will be chosen. 

Students that obtain a driver’s license during the year will have an opportunity to join the lottery for second semester.  Students that did not receive a permit in semester one will be given priority during the second semester drawing, which will be held December 18th. The deadline for submitting semester two documents will be Friday, December 21st.