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College & Career Pathways

College & Career Pathways for 2023-24

College & Career Pathways bring together small student learning communities around high-demand, high-income industries. 

Pathway students are grouped into cohorts and take two-to-three classes together each year.  

This framework allows for community-building, as well as interdisciplinary lessons and projects.  

Pathways combine college-preparatory curriculum with a career theme, emphasizing skills that are necessary for success in college, postsecondary training, and the workplace.    

Students are encouraged to take Honors and AP Classes as they take the core Pathway classes.

Pathways also provide community-building opportunities for students and teachers through pathway-exclusive events, field trips, guest speakers and service learning projects. 

Joining a pathway adds a layer of personalization, focus, and support for students. Student enrollment in pathways is voluntary.   Pathways are designed with the expectation that students will explore their chosen pathway through all four years at CVHS, but students are allowed to explore other pathways at the beginning of each year if they realize that their current pathway is not a good fit.

Pathways also collaborate with local colleges to develop avenues for students to begin earning Community college, CSU and UC credit  by taking Pathway courses

Benefits of College & Career Pathways

1)    Access to exclusive learning experiences such as field trips, guest speakers, professional demonstrations, career exploration, internships and more.

2)    Exposure to high-demand, high-income industries.

3)    Small learning communities of students centered on your student’s field of interest.

4)    College Credit for core classes taken as part of the pathway

College & Career Pathways available at CVHS:

  • HABIT: Health & Biotechnology
  • ICT: Information & Communication Technology
  • PLTW: Project Lead the Way Engineering
  • DADA: Drama, Art and Design Academy
  • Auto
  • Culinary and Hospitality
  • Graphic Design
  • Marketing 
  • Media Arts Journalism
  • Photography