Enrollment/Registration 2023-24

New student enrollment for next school year is now open!

If your student(s) is already enrolled in CVUSD, you are not required to re-enroll. We are sharing this information with you in the event that you have a child not currently enrolled or can help spread the word to neighbors, friends, relatives, and anyone else in the community that may have school-aged children and would benefit from the information.

Information is located on our CVUSD enrollment webpage www.cv.k12.ca.us/enrollment

The webpage includes general information regarding the 2023-2024 timelines and flyers translated in Spanish and Simplified Chinese.

For information regarding our Transitional Kindergarten (TK) programs please visit the TK & Kindergarten Enrollment page by clicking HERE. The page also includes flyers translated in Spanish and Simplified Chinese.

Please note that the age range for students who are eligible for TK in 2023-2024 has expanded to include any student who turns 5 years of age from September 2, 2023 to April 2, 2023. Please refer to this Age/Grade document for information on the age-appropriate grade level for students.

Lastly, did you know CVUSD has a Spanish Dual Language Immersion (DLI) program for students entering grades TK and K next school year? More information on the DLI program can be found by clicking HERE.




Are you moving or transferring schools?  A parent/guardian will need to contact the Registrar, or Counselor, so student can obtain the withdrawal paperwork.  The student will need to return all books assigned to him/her to the Bookroom/Library, empty his/her locker and check out with other offices on campus.  Once this process is completed the Registrar can provide paperwork for the new transfer school.


If you are moving to another residence within our attendance area, please contact Suzzee Pedroni in our Main Office at Ext. 3806 as soon as possible so we can update our records with your new contact information.  You will need to complete and submit a “Statement of Residency Form” form with a current PG&E bill + 1 additional required document.  



Please submit your request by fax at (510) 582-7728.


Contact:  Registrar -  Christina Becerra

Telephone: (510) 537-5910, ext. 3823

Fax: (510) 582-7728

[email protected]