Teacher Staff Directory

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Full Name: Click the Name to Email  Position: VM/Ext: Website:
Acosta, Antonio World Language (Spanish) Teacher 3906 Website
Andersen, Barbara World Language (German) Teacher 3914 Website
Anderson, Sue Health Science Teacher 3916 Website
Andres, Elza Social Studies Teacher 3101 Website
Arellano, Alex Special Education Teacher    
Azarmi, Alex Special Education Teacher    
Badwai, Tagreed Mathematics Teacher 3701  
Bahm, Eric Social Studies Teacher 3214 Website
Batchelor, Kevin Social Studies Teacher 3310 Website
Bing, Christoper Science Teacher/Dept. Chair 3760 Website
Bowers, Karl Special Education Teacher 3345/3305  
Brown, Britney Social Studies Teacher   Website
Burke, Sarah Social Studies Teacher 3111 Website
Cardoso, Alex Mathematics Teacher    
Cassidy, Kathleen Social Studies Teacher 3105 Website
Cavaness, Jared World Language (Spanish) Teacher 3907 Website
Chhawla, Renu Mathematics Teacher   Website
Claypool, Ashley World Language (Spanish)   Website
Clyde, Jennifer English Teacher 3213 Website
Cook, Erin English Teacher 3505 Website
Corona-Pantoja, Esmeralda Math Teacher 3308  
Cox, Gerry Social Studies Teacher 3122 Website
Crow, Emi World Language (Japanese) Teacher 3901 Website
Dailey, Kayla Science Teacher 3752 Website
Daily, Tiffany VAPA Teacher 3003  
Dennis, Aaron English Teacher 3508 Website
Diaz Yates, Jamie Science Teacher 3708  
Dominguez, Miriam World Language (Spanish) Teacher 3911 Website
Draper, Elizabeth Science Teacher 3710 Website
Dufurrena, Alec Special Education Teacher 3915  
Edwards, John Physical Education Teacher 9347 Website
Emam, Shad Mathematics Teacher 3301 Website
Fajardo, Felipe World Languages (Spanish) Teacher   Website
Feng, Jeffrey Math Teacher 3758  
Foster, Jeffrey Science Teacher 3711  
Fottrell, Sean Science Teacher 9350 Website
Frasca, Carmelina Social Studies Teacher 3108 Website
Frazee, Lena English Teacher 3512  
Frozena, Elisa English Teacher 3209 Website
Garcia, Yvonne Social Studies Teacher 3203 Website
Gearou, Canela World Language (Spanish) Teacher 3404 Website
Gerdts, Anissa Mathematics Teacher 3703 Website
Gilmour, Vickie CTE Teacher 3311  
Glass, Geoffrey Social Studies Teacher 3102  
  Social Studies Teacher 3107  
Greenfield, Cameron CTE Teacher/Graphic Design & Yearbook 3202  
Groody, Deborah English Teacher 3511 Website
Hamilton, Hollis Special Education Teacher    
Han, Sue Mathematics Teacher 3704 Website
Hasegawa, Keita VAPA Teacher 3603  
Harris, Erika English Teacher 3508  
Heppner, Claire Special Education Teacher/Dept. Chair 3302  
Holmes, Lisa CTE Teacher 3410  
Holtebeck, Mark Special Education Teacher 3307  
Ikemoto, Erika Health Teacher 3707  
Jervis, Jennifer VAPA Teacher 3201 Website
Johanson, Matt Social Studies Teacher 3113 Website
Johansson, Tina English Teacher 3501


Judson, David Health Teacher 3003  
Kania, Stacy English Teacher 3312 Website
Kindelspire, Melissa Science Teacher 3709 Website
Knudsen , Alexis VAPA Teacher/Dept. Chair 3608 Website
Lalonde, Alma Science Teacher 3764  
Ledford, Emily Science Teacher 3712 Website
LePell, M. Clare English Teacher 3213 Website
Lew, Michelle English Teacher 9366 Website
Logan, Trent English Teacher 3917 Website
Maloney, Tommy Mathematics Teacher/Activities Director 3607 Website
Manley, Nicole Physical Education Teacher 3609 Website
Marlis, Jason Social Studies Teacher 3304  
Maynard, Ozzie Mathematics Teacher 3702  
Martinovic, Valeria Science Teacher 3761  
McNeill, Yardley Visually Impaired 3402 Website
Mistry, Lata Science Teacher 3768 Website
Mladinich, Mark Social Studies Teacher 9364 Website
Molzen, Denny Physical Education Teacher 3328 Website
Mukherjee, Basudha Science Teacher 3716 Website
Musa, Sharafeldin Mathematics Teacher 3755 Website
Natale , Maria English Teacher 3952 Website
Olson, Kelsey English Teacher 3911  
O'Brien, Laura Science Teacher 3768 Website
O'Connor, Heather Science Teacher 3714 Website
O'Hern, Kelley Mathematics Teacher 3757 Website
Orduña, Laurel World Language (Spanish) Teacher 3912 Website
Parker, Jennifer VAPA Teacher 3204 Website
Parris, Anne English Teacher 3506 Website
Petropoulakis, Alex English Teacher 3903  
Porter, Jessica CTE Teacher 3407 Website
Premnath, Gautam English Teacher 3309  
Pridmore, Jenna English Teacher 3504 Website
Puno, Robert Special Education Teacher    
Rees, Darren CTE Teacher 3406  
Rodriguez, Shari Physical Education Teacher 3325 Website
Rodriquez, Ian Social Studies Teacher 3112 Website
Roscelli, Carrie Physical Education Teacher/Dept. Chair 3326 Website 
Roth-Rossi, David Social Studies Teacher 3408 Website
Ryken, Amy World Language (ASL) Teacher 3405 Website
Sadoway, Laryssa VAPA Teacher 3602 Website
Schoenberger, Bradley Social Studies Teacher 3118 Website
Sitkin, Jennifer Social Studies Teacher 3104 Website
  Mathematics Teacher 3954  
Snazina, Mariya World Languages (French)    
Staab, Amanda English Teacher 3211 Website
Stacy, Kathleen English Teacher 3503 Website
Stanley, Louis CTE Teacher 3513  
Stephenson, Sarah Math Teacher 3759  
Stone, Jackie Social Studies Teacher 3120  
Sun, Joy World Languages (Mandarin) Teacher    
Sutton, Jo VAPA Teacher 3306 Website
Tapia, Nicholas Science Teacher 3409 Website
Thompson, Byron CTE Teacher F9  
Tigerman, Candice World Language (Spanish) Teacher 3904 Website
Treglown, Jason Physical Education Teacher 9358 Website 
Unti, Eric English Teacher 3509  
Valdez, Zachery Special Education Teacher P3  
Venkatesh, Gretchen Special Education Teacher   Website
Veety-Martin, Kathleen Science Teacher 3766 Website
Vendsel, Jeff CTE Teacher/Dept. Chair 3206 Website
Wahner, Arthur Mathematics Teacher 9360 Website
Weiner, Sarah Special Education Teacher 3315  
Whitehurst, Lesia Science Teacher 3762 Website
  English Teacher 3309  
Wilkinson, Kara Social Studies Teacher 3111 Website
Wilkinson, Steve Mathematics Teacher 3313 Website
Williams, Mark Physical Education Teacher 3327 Website
Wong, Andrew Mathematics Teacher 3705 Website
Wyman, Maria Speech/Language Pathologist    
Yau, Teddy Mathematics Teacher 3403 Website
Young, Pete Mathematics Teacher 3753