Advanced Placement Exams




Most AP exams offered through CVHS this year will be at-home digital exams, with the exception of World Languages which will be in-person exams held at the Center for the Fine Arts. The Digital Testing App will be loaded onto all school-issued Chromebooks or you may choose to download the app on to a personal device. Click here to download and begin practicing how to use the app. 
In addition, please take a look these very important Four Steps to prepare for digital testing. 


Exam Dates have changed! New exam dates are listed below:

May 4: German Language 12PM (In-Person)

May 18: English Lit 8:30am (at-home)

May 19: US History 8:30am (at-home)

May 21: Spanish 7:30am (In-Person), French 11:30am (In-Person), Chinese 11:30am (In-Person)

June 1: Computer Science 12:30pm (at-home)

June 2: European History 8:30am, Art History 12:30pm, Macroeconomics 12:30pm (at-home)

June 3: Psychology 12:30pm (at-home)

June 4: Japanese 7:30am (In-Person)

June 7: English Language 8:30am (at-home)

June 8: Human Geography 8:30am, Microeconomics 12:30pm (at-home)

June 9: Calculus AB 8:30am, Calculus BC 8:30am, Physics 1 12:30pm, Physics C: Mechanics 12:30pm (at-home)

June 10: Chemistry 8:30am, Physics C: E&M 8:30am, Statistics 12:30pm (at-home)

June 11: Biology 8:30am, Environmental Science 12:30pm (at-home)

On Campus testing options will be available for students who prefer to access digital exams in a classroom environment and school WiFi.
For questions about the exams, please see here:
For questions about registration or cancellation, please contact the House 2 Office at 510-537-3910 x3810, or email Assistant Principal, Kevin Baker at