Advanced Placement Exams




For Wait-Listed Students! Due to concerns over the spread of COVID-19, our school is making careful decisions about whether or not we will be able to include any students from other schools. Non-CVHS students may register for our Wait List on Total Registration, but it will likely take until January for a decision. Please be aware that late registration will continue until March 2021, and late fees are already covered by your non-CVHS student fees. 
Registration for the 2021 Advanced Placement Exams begins at
This is step one in a two step process for Exam registration.
Once you have registered with the College Board using the Join Code(s) provided by your teacher(s), you will then visit our Total Registration site to make payment. Please do not be deceived by this unfortunate name. "Total" Registration is actually the second half of a two step registration process, not the "total" of anything. 
Exam registration is not complete until you have registered with the College Board and made payment through Total Registration (note: CVHS students with proof of financial need will pay $0, but still need to register on Total Registration)


The deadline to register for exams is Nov. 11th, 2020. Standard fees are $110 ($135 for non-CVHS students, $0 for CVHS students demonstrating financial need). If you are applying for a Fee Waiver or Financial Assistance, please download the form linked in the side bar, then submit a signed copy along with proof of financial status to House 2 by email or hardcopy.
For questions, please contact the House 2 Office at 510-537-3910 x3810, or email Assistant Principal, Kevin Baker at