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Principal's Message

Welcome to our richly diverse and excellence driven comprehensive high school. CVHS embodies the values of rigor, community and collaboration. Our vision is aligned with the Castro Valley Unified School District’s, which is to ensure a safe, culturally responsive, and rigorous learning environment where all students are engaged and supported to achieve and succeed in a global society.

Our academic programs are strong and student centered. We offer many different opportunities for students to become engaged and develop the skills to be lifelong learners. From the many college preparatory core classes to a robust selection of advanced classes, students interested in the four-year college track will find what they need. We also offer College and Career Readiness Pathways such as DADA, HABiT and ICT, which enable students to commit to a deeper investigation of specific courses of study.  AVID and Puente are available to students who need extra support in preparing for university. Our award-winning Music, Drama and Art programs provide ample opportunities for students to develop a mature and professional sense of self-expression. Students can learn and master Spanish, French, German, Japanese and American Sign Language or develop research skills in the CVHS Library that will benefit them in any of their post-secondary endeavors.

Outside of our academic programs, there are scores of student activities available for their personal enrichment. We offer over thirty competitive Athletic teams, Student Leadership, clubs, many opportunities to engage the community at large.

We are committed to helping students find their place at CVHS. We are committed to ensuring that students are connected to the school, each other and their community. Disconnection is the greatest challenge we face and CVHS works tirelessly to develop internal interventions to re-connect students to their learning and their sense of wellbeing.

We welcome families at Castro Valley High School to be connected as well, for our families are our most valuable partner. Join us in our efforts to support, engage and foster success for all students.

In Partnership,

Christopher Fortenberry, Principal