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April Updates!

Dear CVHS Students and Families,
On Thursday, April 1, our Spring Break begins.  We are asking families to monitor their travel over Spring Break. The California Department of Public Health has recommended that anyone who travels farther than 120 miles or has close contact with people not in their immediate household self-quarantine for 10 days.  In-Person students who need to self-quarantine may do so and attend their classes remotely.  Please contact your student’s House Office to notify us that an In-Person student is staying home for self-quarantine.
We know that the time of seasonal allergies is upon us and with the self-reporting of symptoms, this will get complicated.  If your student suffers from seasonal allergies, you may submit a doctor’s note that will help us differentiate between allergy symptoms and COVID-19 symptoms.  The note must have detailed information about the type and name of allergy and specifically naming the symptoms related to the allergy.  The note should be submitted to the student’s House Office and will be reviewed by the District Nurse.

Student Gate Assignments
All students will be assigned a campus gate that they will use to enter and exit campus.  0 Period students will have specific gates assigned.  All other students will also have specific gates assigned.  Students who are late will report to Gate 6 or Gate 10, will receive instructions as to whether they should report to the office for a late pass.  We are trying to limit the foot traffic in the Main Office as it is a small building.
Students may enter campus 30 minutes prior to the beginning of their first class.  Beginning April 12, 0 Period gates will open at 7:20 and 1st and 2nd Period Gates will open at 8:30.  Gates will close 15 minutes after the beginning of the periods.  After that students will report to Gates 6 or 10.  
Students are attending both CVHS and CVVA as Hybrid students who have a gap in their schedule will report to the Cafeteria Annex for the period.  They will be expected to maintain social distance and work quietly on school work for their CVVA classes.
Here are the Gate assignments and a link to the Gate Map:
0 Period Gate Assignments by Last Name and Group A/B:
            Group A    Group B
Gate 4        A-J         A-F
Gate 6        K-Q        G-N
Gate 10      R-X        O-Z
1st and 2nd Period Gate Assignments by Last Name for both Group A/B:
Gate 4: A-Ce
Gate 6: Ch-Fe
Gate 8: Pre-assigned
Gate 9: Fi-J
Gate 10: K-Ma
Gate 12: Mc-P
Gate 13: Pre-assigned
Gate 15: Q-S
Gate 16: T-Z
If neither of these apply:
Gate 6
Gate 10
Gates 6 and 10 will be staffed all day long and should be used for any other issues.  Family members are only allowed in the Main Office.  They need to be masked and have completed the Screener.  The Main Office is open but has a limited capacity so be prepared to wait outside.  Appointments will help us manage this.

We will be differentiating between In-Person and Remote students in our attendance.  Students who have elected to return will be expected to attend class on time (more on this in a bit).  In-Person students who cannot attend due to illness or quarantine are expected to report their absence to their House Office.  A student in this situation should attend their classes virtually if possible.
Starting today you will see some slight changes to attendance recording for your student(s) at our school.  
The updates will allow us to more accurately record attendance situations for the programs in which our students are participating.  The application of these codes will remain largely the same as they have throughout the year and we provide a few clarifications which are as follows:
Present (Aeries code “9”) - Physically Present for In-Person Instruction 
DLE (Aeries code “1”) - Distance Learning Engaged or Present 
DLN / Absent (Aeries code “2”) - Distance Learning Not Engaged 

*Please note that there will now be two different codes to mark students present related to whether or not they were in-person.  Additionally, the code “2” will broadly represent absence to in-person or virtual instruction.
Tardies:  Of course, we expect students to be on time to class whether they be In-Person or Remote.  However, we are also cognizant of the fact that all of this is new.  Please let students know, especially 9th Graders not to worry about being late as they learn their way around campus (which is a significant reason for the Freshman only days).  Even students who know their way around will be having to learn the mostly one way foot traffic paths.  However, the focus needs to be on instructional time.  It’s precious!!  Students need to go directly to class!
Grab and Go Breakfast and Lunch 
When students arrive on campus, there will be Grab and Go Breakfast items at each gate for them to Grab and Go. They may not eat in classrooms or buildings.  They will need to eat outside and be socially distanced from one another.
Similarly, each gate will have Grab and Go Lunches ready for students as they leave.  Students are expected to leave campus after their last period from the gate they entered.  Students may return for extra-curricular activities at 3:00pm.  Students may return for Office Hours prior to that but it should be by appointment.  If you or your family needs support during the time between the end of class and extracurriculars, please contact your House Office.

Every Student Succeeding Awards
Congratulations to 11th Grader, Frida Veliz!  She was awarded the Every Student Succeeding Award.  This award is organized by the Association of California School Administrators (ACSA).  This is a statewide award and not only was she one of 8 students recognized this year, she was CVUSD’s first ever nomination!
Frida is an amazing student with a wonderful story.  She credited her teachers as the ones who helped her feel welcome and supported on her educational journey.  Ms. Cox, Ms. Kania, Ms. Clyde and Mr. Edwards inspired her and created an atmosphere where she could thrive.
Excellent work, Frida!!  We are all so proud of you!

CVHS Achievement Nights
Later in April, we will be celebrating the achievements of our African American and Latinx students.  We will send out the links after Spring Break but save the dates!  These celebrations just get better and better every year!
Virtual African-American Achievement Night, Tuesday, April 20th, @ 6:30pm
Virtual Latinx Achievement Night, Tuesday, April 27th @ 6:00 pm.

Monday, April 12: CVHS Hybrid Schedule begins!
Some Important Things To Complete Soon
To ensure that our students can enter campus quickly and easily.  It is critical that families complete the electronic Frontline Health Screener everyday by 7:30am.  For 0 Period, the screener should be completed by 7:20am.  Be sure to sign up for the Frontline Health Screener and start getting used to completing it on a daily basis for your students.
Frontline Health Portal - Login
Parent Quick Start guide
Additional resources can be found in the FAQ document or through the help center.
If your student is returning to campus, please complete the COVID-19 Acknowledgement and Disclosure form  Students will need to bring this completed form on their first day.
CVHS Library Reminder!
Curbside Library Book Checkout:  students and staff can check out a book from the CVHS Library.  Place a hold on a school library book and then come to the library on…
Wednesdays between 8:15am to 3:30pm (new expanded hours!) at Gate 9 to pick up your book! All of the instructions can be found here. Contact Ms. Anthony at if you have any more questions. 
CVHS Library Support Reminder:  Thank you to Ms. Anthony, our Teacher Librarian for setting up a system to help students and staff with Tech Support.  Click this link to get an appointment: CVHS Library Calendar Requests. 
Resources for Nutrition!!
Chabot College is offering free groceries and meals to anyone who might need it. They are offering supplies every Thursday, all you have to do is drive up. 
Here is a link to their webpage highlighting this event…
CVUSD offers FREE “Grab and Go” meals to any child under the age of 18.  Families may pick up a meal from any site listed above.  Legal guardians may pick up meals on behalf of their child.  Meal service will include one bagged breakfast and one bagged hot lunch. Menus will be posted online in advance: HERE
Please share these resources with students and anyone you know who needs help!
Stay safe, healthy and positive!! 
In Trojan Togetherness,
Blaine C. Torpey

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CVUSD Board of Education Appoints Principal of Redwood High School

Castro Valley, CA – (March 30, 2021) – At tonight’s special board meeting, the Castro Valley Unified School District Board of Education took action to select Kenneth Kahn Jr. for the position of Principal of Redwood High School. Mr. Kahn is replacing Ms. Erica Ehmann who is resigning from the position on June 30, 2021.

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