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March Updates

From the Principal's Desk….
Happy March! This is one of the longest months in education.  This affords us the opportunity to get a lot done. And we will! 
Congratulations and thank you to our Volunteer of the Year and our Student of the Year!  Talia Benet, Executive Director of an Oakland Non-profit organization was acknowledged as our Volunteer of the Year at the CVHS Annual Board Meeting Presentation in February.

At the same Board Meeting, we celebrated Senior Adora Bailey, our Student of the Year.  Adora is a performing dancer and aspiring actress that has starred in productions such as: Brown v Board of Education and Our Town.  She is kind, helpful, outspoken and has served as a student mentor.  We will miss Adora when she graduates!!

In April, all CVHS Juniors and Seniors will participate in Smarter Balanced (SBAC) testing.  Juniors take Math and English Language Arts tests, which also include the Early Assessment Program (EAP).  The SBAC allows us to assess how well we are preparing students with critical thinking skills.  The EAP, which is embedded in the SBAC, will allow students to demonstrate their level of readiness for college courses.  A student’s score on the EAP can allow them to skip placement tests in the California State University system and in the California Community College system.  It also can allow students to avoid taking some lower level classes when they get to college.  For Juniors who demonstrate Conditional Readiness, they can choose certain Math or English classes their Senior year to establish Readiness.

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Black minds matter

Join CVUSD for Black Minds Matter Spring 2023 Cohort

Black Minds Matter is a course offered by Castro Valley Unified School District in collaboration with Tyson Amir of the Freedom Soul Media Education Initiatives. Our course features curriculum, research and the most current strategies to improve outcomes for African-American students. We examine challenges facing African- American students in schools, and explore research-based strategies to improve success.

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Where: CVHS Library
Time: 7 PM – 8 PM

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