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Homecoming Events!

The CVHS Leadership class is excited to share many details regarding this year's Homecoming festivities.  There are plenty of ways for students to be involved in Homecoming during the school day as well as outside of school hours.  Each activity counts towards our class contest.  The class that participates the most wins! 
This year’s Homecoming theme is Dream Worlds and the class subthemes are as follows:
Seniors - Hero Headquarters 
Juniors - Neverland
Sophomores - A Galaxy Far Far Away
Freshmen - Atlantis

During The School Day Activities
Spirit Days
Throughout the week students are encouraged to dress up and take part in our spirit week. Each day students that participate will be counted and the most spirited class wins the most points.  
Monday - Wear yellow or dress like a pirate or pixie
Tuesday - Wear black or dress like you are from outer space
Wednesday - Wear white or dress like you live underwater in Atlantis
Thursday - Wear green or dress like your favorite superhero or supervillain.
Friday - Seniors wear green, Juniors wear yellow, Sophomores wear black, Freshmen wear white
Class March
Each day one grade level will meet behind the gym, they then run to the courtyard and show their school spirit through cheers, chants, etc.  Each march will be judged and the winning class gets the most points.
Monday - Juniors
Tuesday - Sophomores
Wednesday - Freshmen
Thursday - Seniors
Donation Drives
Homecoming is all about Trojan Togetherness and trojans giving back.  We run three donation drives to help our community. Donations are accepted at lunch on the stage in the courtyard or outside room 607.  Points are given based on items donated for each drive.
Money Wars - Each grade puts money into a collection box.  Every bill a class collects gives credit to the class, and every coin takes credit away (a dollar is worth 100 credits and a quarter is worth -25 credits).  Thursday after school the grade with the most credits wins.  Each grade’s total will be donated to a different charity.
Clothing Drive - Each grade will donate new or lightly used clothes into bins located on the stage or right outside room 607. Highly sought items are jackets, in package socks and new shoes. Thursday after school the clothes will be donated to the CVHS and or CVUSD Community Closet.  
Toiletries Drive - Each grade will donate toiletries into bins located on the stage or right outside room 607. Needed items include deodorant, shampoo, conditioner, toothpaste, feminine hygiene products, toilet paper, band aids, body wash, soap, loofah, brushes and combs, etc.   Thursday after school the clothes will be donated to the CVHS and or CVUSD community closet.  
Note: The Community Closet is a new project at CVHS.  It is located in the wellness center and is a judgement free zone for students to get needed personal supplies.  
Friday Rally
Friday Oct 8th at 1:00pm there will be a rally in Trojan Stadium.  All students should attend the rally and sit with their grade in the stands.  During the rally each class will perform a class skit and a class dance, more on these below.  Classes are judged on their performances, class attendance, and fan participation.  

Outside the School Day Activities
Throughout the week students will be hard at work preparing 3 major activities.  A class dance, a class skit, and a class mural.  Students are encouraged to participate in these activities. In order to participate they need to complete a behavior contract (located outside 607) and turn that contract into the student store before October 1st.  Please see the schedule for work party times.
Class Dance - The class dance is student choreographed.  No dance experience is required.  Dance practice is 3 hours long on Oct 2nd and 1 hour long Oct 4-7. There is a 20 minute field rehearsal Thursday night.  The dance will be performed at the Friday rally.  
Note: Dance does have a $10 costume fee, scholarships are available if needed.

Class Skit - The class skit is student created.  No acting experience is required.  Skit practice is 3 hours long on Oct 2nd and 1 hour long Oct 4-7.  There is a 20 minute field rehearsal Thursday night. The skit will be performed at the Friday rally.  
Class Mural - New to Homecoming this year, each class will be given one wall to create a mural.  The mural will reflect each grade's subtheme, while also showing trojan togetherness by incorporating the other class themes in some way.  The murals will stay up all school year long.  Mural work takes place Oct 2nd 9-3pm and Oct 4-7th after school until 8pm.  
Note: Students are encouraged to work on the mural as much as possible.  They do not have to be available to work all 22 hours.  
If anyone has access to paint, paint brushes, paint rollers, drop clothes, or ladders please let us know.  Also if you would like to volunteer to assist in the mural complete the parent information form at the bottom of your students behavior contract.

CVHS Homecoming Dance
We are excited to announce that we have the green light to throw a Homecoming Dance on Saturday Oct 9th from 7-10pm at Trojan Stadium.  
Ticket Information - Tickets can be purchased from the student store for  $20 for general admission or $15 for students with an ASB sticker.  Students must turn in a dance behavior contract with parent signature at the time of purchase.   Students who need financial assistance, please reach out to Mr. Maloney or your Assistance Principal.

Entrance Requirements - The Homecoming Dance dress code is semi casual.  Since the dance will take place on our stadium turf, stiletto style heels that could puncture the turf will not be allowed.  Flats and wedges are encouraged, chunky style heels that will not puncture the turf are also acceptable.
The day of the dance students must provide proof of completed COVID vaccination or a negative COVID test taken Oct 6th or later.  They will show this at the gate.  
If you have any questions please email Mr. Maloney, CVHS Activities Director at

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