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On Campus Tutoring

CVHS Teachers provide free tutoring in Math (all levels) and Science (Biology and Chemistry). Students and parents are encouraged to review the posted schedule and attend tutoring sessions on a drop in basis. 

Current On Campus Tutoring Opportunities




Day(s) of the Week, Locations



Monday (3:50-4:40)                                 Room 762



Integrated 1

Monday (3:50-4:40)                         Room 701

         Wednesday (3:35-4:25)                  Room 755

          Thursday (3:50-4:40)                   Room 707


Integrated 2

        Monday (3:50-4:40)                         Room 701

        Wednesday (3:35-4:25)                   Room 755

        Thursday (3:50-4:40)                   Room 701

Integrated 3, Integrated III A, PreCalculus, Honors PreCalculus

Monday (3:50-4:40)         Room 755

Thursday (3:50-4:40)                   Room 704

Prob Stat/AP Stat

Wednesday (3:35-4:25)                   Room 707

AP Calc

Monday (3:50-4:40)                         Room 757


Espanol/Ayudo Bilingue

Wednesday (3:35-4:25) Room 911

Thursday (3:50-4:40) Room 911


Writing Skills        

        Thursday (3:50-4:40)                       Room 309



US History, Modern World, CCG

        Thursday (3:50-4:40)                       Room 119


Extended Library Hours

The Library is open at 7:00 AM before school and after school until 6:00pm Monday through Thursday.  It’s a great place to get work done!

New to the tutoring offerings is With Students get homework help, writing feedback, and study support on demand. 

Anytime you need help in ANY school subject, you can always ask a professional Paper tutor. This is an unlimited 24/7 service, so you can go to them for help during Trojan Time, during work time in class, after school, on the weekends, before Finals, over break, or whenever you have time and a need.  Paper tutors offer homework help, writing assignment feedback, & study support in 4 languages (English, Spanish, Mandarin, and French).

Link to Paper Tutorial

Link to Login through student “Clever” account. 

Select the link for Paper. The link is located towards the bottom, under “More Apps (district)”

Other Academic Online Resources: