Homecoming Info!

Homecoming is fast approaching.  Below is an overview of the week’s festivities.  There are plenty of ways for students to be involved in Homecoming during the school day as well as outside of school hours.  Each activity counts towards our class contest.  Students will earn points for their class for participating in the various activities.

This year’s Homecoming theme is Music Genres aka #CVonAux and the class sub themes are as follows:

Seniors - Hip Hop
Juniors - Disco
Sophomores - Pop
Frosh- Country

During The School Day Activities

Spirit Days

Throughout the week students are encouraged to dress up and take part in our spirit week. Each day all students that participate will be counted and the most spirited class wins the most points. It’s important to remember that all grade levels can dress up each day.  

Monday - Wear white or dress like you are at the disco (glitter, sparkles, big colors, shiny dresses, platform heels)
Tuesday - Wear green or dress like to impress like some pop artists (leather jackets, shirts and ties, full brim hats, long tops, boots and high pony tails like Ariana Grande. Skirts, cardigans and braided hair like Brittney Spears)
Wednesday - Wear yellow or dress like you are at a country concert (cowboy hats, boots, denim jeans, plaid shirts) 
Thursday - Wear black or dress in hip hop fashions new or old (backwards clothing like Kris Kross, bucket hats and adidas track suits like run DMC, jerseys, big gold chains (bonus for clocks on your chain) like Flava Flav)
Friday - Seniors wear black, Juniors wear white, Sophomores wear green, Frosh wear yellow.  Those participating in the rally should wear their costume to school.

Class March

Each day one grade level will meet behind the gym; they then run to the courtyard and show their school spirit through cheers, chants, etc.  Each march will be judged and the winning class gets the most points.

Monday - Juniors
Tuesday - Sophomores
Wednesday - Frosh
Thursday - Seniors

Donation Drives

Homecoming is all about Trojan Togetherness and trojans giving back.  We run two donation drives to help our community. Donations are accepted at lunch on the stage in the courtyard or outside room 607.  Points are given based on items donated for each drive.

Clothing Drive - Each grade will donate new or lightly used clothes into bins located on the stage or right outside room 607. This year we are looking for sweatpants, sweatshirts, leggings and t-shirts for high school students. Thursday after school the clothes will be donated to the CVHS and or CVUSD Community Closet.  

Toiletries Drive - Each grade will donate toiletries into bins located on the stage or right outside room 607. Needed items include deodorant, shampoo, conditioner, toothpaste, feminine hygiene products, toilet paper, band aids, body wash, soap, loofah, brushes and combs, etc.   Thursday after school the clothes will be donated to the CVHS and or CVUSD community closet.  

Money Drive: - Each grade can donate money outside of room 607. The money will go towards purchasing hard to donate items like packages of socks for the community closet.

Note: The Community Closet is a new project at CVHS.  It is located in the wellness center and is a judgment free zone for students to get needed personal supplies.  

Friday Parade and Rally

Friday Sept 22nd school ends at 12:21pm.  Students are encouraged to head behind the gym and participate in the parade which begins at 1:00pm.  The parade will start on Santa Maria, before turning onto Wilson and Redwood road.  The parade concludes in the Mabel parking lot, during which time students should head into Trojan stadium to watch the rally, which begins at 1:30pm.  The rally is open to the general public as well.  All students should attend the rally and sit with their grade in the stands, community members are asked to stand near the scoreboard to watch the rally.  During the rally each class will perform a class skit and a class dance, more on these below.  Classes are judged on their performances, class attendance, and fan participation.
Outside the School Day Activities

Throughout the week students will be hard at work preparing 3 major activities.  A class dance, a class skit, and a class float.  Students are encouraged to participate in these activities. In order to participate they need to complete a behavior contract (located outside 607) and turn that contract into the student store before Sept 13tht.  Please see the schedule for work party times.

Class Dance - The class dance is student choreographed.  No dance experience is required.  Dance practice is 3 hours long on Sept 16th and 1 hour long Sept 18-21. There is a 20 minute field rehearsal Thursday night.  The dance will be performed at the Friday rally.  
Note: Dance does have a $10 costume fee, scholarships are available if needed.

Class Skit - The class skit is student created.  No acting experience is required.  Skit practice is 3 hours long on Sept 16th and 1 hour long Sept 18-21.  There is a 20 minute field rehearsal Thursday night. The skit will be performed at the Friday rally.  

Class Float - Each class will create a class float.  The float will reflect each grade's subtheme, while also showing trojan togetherness by incorporating the other class themes in some way.  The floats will be driven in the parade, and will remain up for public viewing until halftime of the varsity football game.  Float work takes place Sept 16 9-3pm and Sept 18-21 after school until 8pm.  
Note: Students are encouraged to work on the float as much as possible.  They do not have to be available to work all 22 hours.  

If you would like to volunteer to assist in the float, complete the parent information form at the bottom of your students behavior contract. Students are not allowed to use power tools during construction of the float, so family volunteers are always appreciated.

CVHS Homecoming Dance

The Homecoming Dance will take place Saturday Sept 23rd from 7-10pm at Trojan Stadium.  Well behaved guests are allowed to attend. Doors close at 8pm for entry.  

Ticket Information - Tickets can be purchased from the student store for  $20 for general admission or $15 for students with an ASB sticker.  Students must turn in a dance behavior contract with parent signature at the time of purchase.   Students who need financial assistance, please reach out to Mr. Maloney or your Assistance Principal.


Entrance Requirements - The Homecoming Dance dress code is semi formal. Students normally attend in some combination of long pants, button up shirts, dresses, or skirts.    Since the dance will take place on our stadium turf, stiletto (spiky) style heels that could puncture the turf will not be allowed.  Flats and wedges are encouraged, chunky style heels that will not puncture the turf are also acceptable.
Tommy Maloney
Activities Director