Reopening Readiness Update

January 14, 2021
Dear Families, 
Thank you for your patience while we all continue to navigate through challenges related to COVID. As you are already aware, on November 13th the  dates of reopening schools in phases was approved by the Governing Board, with the first phase beginning on February 1st. Based on the County Department of Health guidelines, schools may reopen only after they have been in the red tier for a minimum of two weeks. Since Alameda County is still in the purple tier, CVUSD’s first phase of reopening is delayed until Alameda County has been in the red tier for a minimum two (2) weeks. Rest assured, you will receive frequent updates and advanced confirmation on the exact reopening date.  Reopening will occur in phases, meaning that our elementary schools will begin with two primary grades first and continue with additional grades added each week.  
Although the reopening date has been delayed, our planning and preparation will continue so that families have time to make the necessary arrangements and we can be fully prepared in order to ensure a smooth transition. Information related to your child’s assignment and specific details on schedules, procedures, and protocols will be communicated to you by each site principal in the next few days. 
Our Districts Roadmap to Reopening & Safety Plan was submitted to the County and on December 22nd, we received confirmation that our plan was complete. Currently, the Supplemental School Site Specific Reopening Plans are in the process of being uploaded to all school sites. Please contact your school site if you have any questions regarding the site specific plans. 
We look forward to seeing our students back in school. Reopening schools and getting the economy back on track will greatly depend on how we each follow the Health Department directives to reduce the number of COVID cases in the County.  Please stay safe and be well. 
Parvin Ahmadi