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Auto 1-2 is an introductory course that explores the modern automobile, its major systems, and careers Transportation Industry. The emphasis of this course is on entry level skills and car owner knowledge. Topics will include the safety, tools, tires, wheel alignments, multipoint inspections, engines, transmissions, suspensions, steering, brakes, and electrical systems including computer controls. The first part of the course is primarily in the classroom in conjunction with hands-on activities in the shop to apply the concepts learned in the classroom. Second part of the course is hands-on activities including engine repair, intro to welding, and intro to electrical repair.  This course is articulated, B or better earns 3 units of college credit.

Advance Auto provides students the opportunity to develop entry level job skills in the transportation industry.  Instruction includes an emphasis on time management and soft skills.  Units of instruction include basic fundamentals, maintenance, brakes, steering/suspension, engine, transmission and electrical.  Students learn through both individual and collaborative team activities, projects and problem solving.


The classes below are required to be in the Auto pathway.

Course Sequence

  • Auto 1-2
  • Advanced Auto Mechanics